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Mike Dolce shares bikini weight-loss and anti-bloating methods in ELLE Magazine

Mike Dolce, founder of The Dolce Diet, is featured in June's ELLE Magazine. Mike offers bikini diet friendly anti-bloating techniques that will help you look lean and trim for those beach days and pool parties this summer! For a full bikini diet shredding plan, pick up Mike Dolce's 3 Weeks to Shredded, The Dolce Diet: Living Lean Cookbook and The Dolce Diet: Living Lean, available at and in The Dolce Diet Shop.

Pick up a copy of ELLE, on shelves now.

Learn to Run in 4 Simple Steps

by Jenny Hadfield,

Running seems simple enough. You just lace up your shoes and go, right? Not quite. Learn to run the smart way with these four secrets to success and you'll have fun, stay injury-free and enjoy a lifelong love affair with running.


1. Set a smart goal: Run 30 minutes in two to four months.

We all know the benefits of having a carrot dangling in front of us. Whether it be a cool medal, a pampering post-race massage or the satisfaction of finishing an event, a goal will help fuel your desire to run. The first thing you may notice in the goal above is there isn't a promise of learning to run 30 minutes in two and a half weeks and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I don't roll that way. In fact, I don't because that was my strategy when I first tried to learn to run and it ended in tears and failure every time. It wasn't pretty. The goal to run 30 minutes in two to four months may not produce the same amount of searches online, but it will produce a lot more runners who love to run and who perform well. When you love something, you want to more of it. When I say a smart goal, I mean setting a target without an exact date. Let's face it--how many of you are able to arrive on time in air travel. Learning to run works the same way. Life happens, a lack of sleep kills your energy and your performance and motivation are affected by a number of other variables. If you run with the flow of your life and the proper rate at which your body can adapt to running, you will progress more efficiently and have more fun along the way. This means pushing on the days you feel good and easing back on the throttle when you are having a day that makes your head spin.



Alton Lost 103 lbs. on The Dolce Diet

Read how he did it

Mike Dolce's 5 Tips to Get You Ripped

Got a minute? Mike Dolce — fitness guru and creator of the Dolce Diet and UFC Fit — gives you five tips on how to get ripped. Beach season is just around the corner, and when the snow is gone, the bathing suits will be out, so it's time to get in shape, and get that body ready for the waves, sun and beach.

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Blog Posts

UFC fit. My journey restarted

Posted by Michelle on February 10, 2016 at 7:45pm 0 Comments

Well where do I start. 

It has been a hard few months. Hit by illness after illness all stress related my training kind of went out the window. 

I restarted everything from the middle of January when I was able to train…


Level 1 Certification

Posted by Neal Bakker on November 19, 2015 at 2:39pm 0 Comments

Hello all!

I was curious about the DDC event in Las Vegas this coming December. First question: on the website it has two different group of dates, from 11-13 and 12-14, which set of dates is correct, for planning purposes? Additionally,… Continue

I almost "retired early".

Posted by Todd Harwood, DDC. on October 17, 2015 at 10:30pm 0 Comments

On a visit to my parents we went to a local restaurant to eat dinner. My parents being in their sixties, we ended up at a place, well let’s just say the Seinfeld's would go there for the early bird special. I have always been a people…


UFC fit. My journey

Posted by Michelle on September 5, 2015 at 7:12am 0 Comments

After a year of waiting for UFC fit to be available in the UK, it is finally here! 

Both my boyfriend and I have decided to do it together and ordered ours last week. It arrived on our doorstep last weekend. We were itching to get started…


The Gambler...

Posted by Shantanee on July 18, 2015 at 6:12am 0 Comments



As someone with a very little self-control, living in a city of 24 hour indulgences, is tough. The fabulous Las Vegas is where I call home. I've always prided myself, on not…


Listen to your mother because she knows everything (almost)

Posted by A.J. Salvo on May 27, 2015 at 1:43am 0 Comments

I've always worked on my deadlift. Even when I was out of shape I still had a pretty respectable deadlift, but in recent years my progress has stalled. My hands are heavily callused despite working a desk job and I'm often caught picking at the… Continue

Thank you.

Posted by Kevin Pritchard on April 26, 2015 at 3:52pm 1 Comment

I'm happy to be a part of a group of motivating and inspiring people. I hope to get more info to help me reach my goals.

Wife is struggling

Posted by Jack on April 26, 2015 at 2:52pm 2 Comments

My wife is really struggling with the weight and growing frustrated she eats clean like my self using the Dolce pricibles and still struggles she needs some inspiration .


Posted by Wez on April 26, 2015 at 2:18pm 9 Comments

Hey guys, what Onnit products are essential for an mma fighter?


Posted by John Doe on April 24, 2015 at 4:50pm 1 Comment

Down from 200 pounds with 3WTS to 181. I've been following the living lean program now for about a month and loving it. Thanks Dolces and anyone reading please add me as a friend.


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2nd Amateur Boxing Fight Weight Cut

Started by Mark in Diet & Nutrition Jun 3, 2016. 0 Replies

Help please with those who've run 3 weeks to shredded back to back. Do you do the spa sessions for each 3 week hit of the 3 weeks to shredded program or just at the end of the 3 week cycle before weigh in for the fight? I've approx 9 kgs to cut in 6…Continue

Cutting from 145-125 for college wrestling

Started by Zach Jones in Diet & Nutrition May 23, 2016. 0 Replies

Title says it all.  I currently weigh 145 pounds and need to get down to 125 pounds for college wrestling.  My only reservation about doing the 3w2s is that it isn't suited for someone my size, it's meant for a larger male.  Any help is greatly…Continue

Post workout weight cut meals

Started by Steven Birchall in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Steven Birchall Apr 4, 2016. 2 Replies

So I'm fighting in 3 weeks time. Need to cut about 3 kilo (including water weight) so not a huge cut. Would a power smoothie (oats, banana, peanut butter, whey powder, chia seeds, flax seeds) be okay to be having post workout as a dinner? I've been…Continue

Need some support please :-)

Started by dianetkd in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by VeganBadass_CO Mar 6, 2016. 1 Reply

Hi Everyone! After being unable to workout since ankle surgery in November, I made the discover that I gained a few more pounds than I like. So I`m on a quest to lose about 30 pounds and have no support at all. Could use some supportive messages.Continue

Need some support please :-)

Started by dianetkd in Diet & Nutrition Mar 1, 2016. 0 Replies

Hi Everyone! After being unable to workout since ankle surgery in November, I made the discover that I gained a few more pounds than I like. So I`m on a quest to lose about 30 pounds and have no support at all. Could use some supportive messages.Continue

Breakfast before workout?

Started by Jg in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Jg Feb 20, 2016. 4 Replies

I workout around 6am and typically eat oatmeal after working out. Should I be eating before or have a protein shake before?

Green Tea

Started by Anthony Rinaldi in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by VeganBadass_CO Feb 2, 2016. 1 Reply

I apologize if this has been brought up in a previous discussion.Why is it important to have your green tea after the meal, not during or prior?and does it matter if the green tea is caffeinated or not, does it hamper it's effectiveness?any help…Continue

Tags: Tea, Green

Two a days?

Started by Brett Hershey in Exercise & Training. Last reply by VeganBadass_CO Nov 24, 2015. 1 Reply

This may have been dealt with in the past, I am sure it has but I am still a little confused. I have lost 60lbs so far and have 90 to go to get to my starting goal around 200. I have been doing alternating days of walking, then walk running (C25k)…Continue

Lower belly "fat"

Started by Cole Sexton in Exercise & Training. Last reply by VeganBadass_CO Nov 3, 2015. 3 Replies

Anyone have any tips or tricks that have worked for you in losing lower belly "fat"? Right now I am 5'11" 175lbs and 10% body fat. I just can't seem to get rid of the pudgy skin over my bottom two abs and would love some advice to finally lose it.Continue

Small Meals

Started by Evelyn in Diet & Nutrition Oct 13, 2015. 0 Replies

Guys! What would you guys consider to be a "SMALL MEAL"?On a few podcasts in the past Mike discusses how we should consume a "small" meal 45 mins after having the breakfast bowl but I dont seem to recall which ones.What would be cosidered to be a…Continue


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