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My Journey Part 2

Posted by Cory Perkins on March 19, 2015 at 3:14pm 2 Comments

I posted My Journey Part 1 a while ago. But I am sad to say that even though I was super motivated at the time and I did make some changes in my life they havent been as significant as I thought they would be. I  am down 10lbs from my last post…



Posted by James on March 12, 2015 at 6:14pm 2 Comments

So here I am, starting to put myself out there more.  Maybe as an accountability check for myself.  Ive been on and off my diet for a few years now.  Initially I went from a completely unathletic 332 lbs down to a somewhat althetic-for-my-size…


Diminishing Progress and Finding Motivation.

Posted by Shantanee on February 28, 2015 at 9:45am 2 Comments

  It's 4 in the morning, and since I've deemed this proper blogging hour, here goes. I've put on some weight. I've had the pleasure of being on this weight loss journey for a several years, and though I'm a habitual "wagon faller…


Starting Over

Posted by Christopher Norkus on January 21, 2015 at 4:03pm 0 Comments

Thank you to Mike Dolce I am down 15 pounds and starting to get my life back!

2015 - The year I stop saying no.

Posted by Jonathan Males on January 14, 2015 at 2:09pm 0 Comments

I noticed this past new year's, I've seen more people posting on social media about how the're going to stop saying "Yes" and saying "No" more often. And I get it. My fiance is one of those people, and it's because she's such a giant sweetheart.…


Onnit Hemp Force - Family Approval

Posted by Ryan Galbraith on January 5, 2015 at 2:56pm 0 Comments

The hardest thing that I have found with the Dolce Diet is the conversion of family to eat the proper diet.  My youngest daughter is quite easy; she just eat what we give her now.  But my oldest daughter and son - have some trouble adjusting.  I…


Going out in 2014 with a boom!

Posted by Nicolle Garcia on December 31, 2014 at 7:29pm 0 Comments

I started listening to Mike and Brandy a little over a year ago as just something to get through my desk job at work. Very quickly, I realized that I could apply the Dolce Diet principles to a healthy lifestyle journey that my husband and I had… Continue

need some advice

Posted by Chance on December 15, 2014 at 12:14pm 1 Comment

Hey guys, so I've been following the Dolce method for the past 6 months and the benefits to my health are definetly there. However I'm struggling to lose that last bit of chub and I can't figure out what in my diet is holding me back. I get 9 hours… Continue







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How to Manage Sweat Loss & Hydration


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Mike Dolce Wins 2nd Consecutive Award For Trainer of the Year


Artificial vs. Natural Flavors

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Fueling Your Kids for Better Grades,
Better Performance & Better Self-Confidence




Mike Dolce shares bikini weight-loss and anti-bloating methods in ELLE Magazine

Mike Dolce, founder of The Dolce Diet, is featured in June's ELLE Magazine. Mike offers bikini diet friendly anti-bloating techniques that will help you look lean and trim for those beach days and pool parties this summer! For a full bikini diet shredding plan, pick up Mike Dolce's 3 Weeks to Shredded, The Dolce Diet: Living Lean Cookbook and The Dolce Diet: Living Lean, available at and in The Dolce Diet Shop.

Pick up a copy of ELLE, on shelves now.

Learn to Run in 4 Simple Steps

by Jenny Hadfield,

Running seems simple enough. You just lace up your shoes and go, right? Not quite. Learn to run the smart way with these four secrets to success and you'll have fun, stay injury-free and enjoy a lifelong love affair with running.


1. Set a smart goal: Run 30 minutes in two to four months.

We all know the benefits of having a carrot dangling in front of us. Whether it be a cool medal, a pampering post-race massage or the satisfaction of finishing an event, a goal will help fuel your desire to run. The first thing you may notice in the goal above is there isn't a promise of learning to run 30 minutes in two and a half weeks and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I don't roll that way. In fact, I don't because that was my strategy when I first tried to learn to run and it ended in tears and failure every time. It wasn't pretty. The goal to run 30 minutes in two to four months may not produce the same amount of searches online, but it will produce a lot more runners who love to run and who perform well. When you love something, you want to more of it. When I say a smart goal, I mean setting a target without an exact date. Let's face it--how many of you are able to arrive on time in air travel. Learning to run works the same way. Life happens, a lack of sleep kills your energy and your performance and motivation are affected by a number of other variables. If you run with the flow of your life and the proper rate at which your body can adapt to running, you will progress more efficiently and have more fun along the way. This means pushing on the days you feel good and easing back on the throttle when you are having a day that makes your head spin.



Alton Lost 103 lbs. on The Dolce Diet

Read how he did it

Mike Dolce's 5 Tips to Get You Ripped

Got a minute? Mike Dolce — fitness guru and creator of the Dolce Diet and UFC Fit — gives you five tips on how to get ripped. Beach season is just around the corner, and when the snow is gone, the bathing suits will be out, so it's time to get in shape, and get that body ready for the waves, sun and beach.

Originally posted at

NEW! The Hesiod Shirt Is Here!








Started by Sal Somoza in Exercise & Training. Last reply by Julio Cesar Lopez, CSCS Apr 1. 1 Reply

BOOM, SON!!! Just got my CSCS!

Started by Julio Cesar Lopez, CSCS in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Julio Cesar Lopez, CSCS Apr 7. 5 Replies

Workout confusion!?!

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Getting off Diet Drinks/ Fake Sugar

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Bulletproof Recipes

Started by Nate Lozano in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Ralph Schwarz on Wednesday. 4 Replies

Is coffee required for 3WTS?

Started by Ed Register in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Jason Kauffman Feb 18. 2 Replies

Dolce Approved Protein

Started by Whiteside2831 in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Ralph Schwarz on Wednesday. 4 Replies

Starting 3W2S, Help!

Started by Diana Riley in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by VeganBadass_CO Apr 4. 3 Replies

Breakfast bowl!!!

Started by Richard in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Richard Feb 10. 1 Reply

Tracking Body Fat

Started by Jessica Lazzarini Novo in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Troy Feb 16. 3 Replies


Started by Scott S in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Ralph Schwarz on Wednesday. 4 Replies

Hello Everyone:)

Started by Evelyn in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Evelyn Jan 14. 2 Replies

3W2S Substitutions?

Started by T.M. Reid in Diet & Nutrition. Last reply by Gary Knox Jan 4. 1 Reply


DOLCE LIFESTYLE: Build a Bigger Bench Press

Build a Bigger Bench Press by Mike Dolce “Hey bro, how much you bench?” That question is the town motto in Meatheaddom. You’ve been there, right? No? Well certainly you’ve been past there? No again? Well, you’ve certainly heard of it? Still no? Oh, I see, you must be a pencil-neck geek! Let me take […]

The original post is titled DOLCE LIFESTYLE: Build a Bigger Bench Press , and it came from The Dolce Diet .

THE MIKE DOLCE SHOW – Ep. 108 The Road To Success

The Mike Dolce Show – A Fitness Podcast In this episode, Mike discusses fitness tips and answers your questions. Mike Dolce is a 2X World MMA Awards Trainer of the Year, 2014 NJ Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee and 2014 Men’s Fitness Top 30 Game Changer for fitness. As the founder of The Dolce […]

The original post is titled THE MIKE DOLCE SHOW – Ep. 108 The Road To Success , and it came from The Dolce Diet .


You Asked For It! Earlier this year, we sent a massive e-mail to members of our newsletter asking what my team can do to better serve your needs and what new content, products or services would you like to see created. An astounding 92% of you all asked for a personalized, online version of our […]

The original post is titled DOLCE LIFESTYLE: You Asked For It! , and it came from The Dolce Diet .


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